Wednesday, 15 February 2012

To home birth or not to home birth???

I went to the midwife today for a routine check up and we started talking about my first midwife I saw when I was pregnant with Honey, she was fantastic, and has since moved to head up the home birthing team in our area. The lovely new midwife told me I could see her again if I considered having a home birth, and as Honey's birth was ├╝ber quick and straightforward (bar the deathly pain of course) I really should consider it. Even the thought sent shivers down my spine and made me feel quite ill; no gas and air, no epidural, no clean, waterproof sheets and no consultant in case god forbid something bad should happen. Ridiculous I know as women have been giving birth out of hospitals since day dot and still do all over the world, I mean that's what our bodies are designed for. Only the thought fills me with dread.
A friend of mine accidentally gave birth in her hallway, and apparently the clean up operation was monumental. She never could leave the house without picturing it covered in blood.
I didn't talk through the exact logistics with my midwife, instead I was given the number of said past midwife to chat it through. However, now the seed has been sown, I can't stop thinking about the cons of having a home birth, being surrounded by my own things, and not having to drag Honey out of bed or getting someone to look after her during the labour.
Hmmm, to home birth or not to home birth, that really is the question....

The little Honey Bea a couple of hours old.


  1. I had a home birth with my 5th baby and it was so much nicer than the hospital births. You can have gas and air and I think there's other pain relief available too. I bought some plastic decorating sheets from b&q so after labor it was just rolled up and chucked out so there really wasn't any mess to clean at all. I'm pregnant again and if all goes well I'll definitely be having a home birth. If it makes you feel anxious though then maybe it's not worth it but you may become more used to the idea. Good luck. x

  2. That's a really interesting post! So far I had a caesarean because my son was in distress before I even got to labour, and my daughter was born breech before we could anaesthetise me for another c-section (no one knew she'd turned round) so I'm not sure they'd be keen for me to have one, but I do wonder if it would be nice...

    That said, I love the fact that in hospital I don't need to do any cleaning and tidying, and visitors have to come at alloted times AND they don't expect you to provide tea and biscuits! Just thought I'd throw a few other arguments into the mix...

  3. I wanted a homebirth but had to go to hospital as the community midwifes were on call at the hospital. I would have preferred to be at home. Saying that I did lose lots of blood after my birth so maybe I was better off at hospital. Howeve, my husband thinks I might have lost lots of blood because the midwife was in such a hurry at the hospital that she tugged my placenta out with great force.

  4. Hospital Birth for me... every time!

    I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award, after receiving it myself from a fellow Mumsnetter.
    Check out my post today at and copy the button and pass it on! Congratulations!

  5. The debate goes on! I still haven't decided, will see how I feel near the time. Good to hear positives for the home birth. Thanks girls xxx

  6. I had a home birth and despite it all going wrong and me ending up in hospital having a Caesarean, I really recommend it! I had gas and air, and spent the day walking round the garden, hanging out in the birth pool, rather than making that hideous journey to the hospital with the prospect of being told to go home because I'm not dilated enough. At home you have one on one care with a midwife, something you don't get in a hospital, and generally, if things go wrong it doesn't happen quickly so they can get you into hospital (using a nice quick ambulance!) in time. My birth was lovely despite not following the plan, and I think if I'd spent most of it in hospital I wouldn't be saying that. One important thing is that I do live near my local hospital (5 mins in an ambulance - 15 in a car!). If I didn't I might not be so eager. Good luck with the decision making!