Saturday, 14 January 2012

Petersham Nurseries, Richmond


Amazing Cire Trudon candles

Honey and I went to one of our favourite places for tea and cake yesterday, The Petersham Nurseries. A hidden gem of a place tucked away near the river Thames, nestled between Ham and Richmond. They make cake and tea to die for, served al fresco or tucked away in a toasty greenhouse, not even mentioning their Michelin star restaurant run by the uber talented head chef Skye Gyngell. The kitchen garden of The Petersham House supplies the cafe with salad leaves, edible flowers and herbs. The nursery shop which whafts of heady jasmine, is full of treats, antiques and beautiful plants you could only dream of filing your house with. A great place to while away the afternoon....


  1. looks a lovely little place, I just saw yoour post on britmums and tought I'd come over and say hello :) x

  2. Hi Sarah thanks for visiting! It really is a lovely place if you are in the area! xx

  3. Hello.
    We love Petersham nurseries too. It's one of my fave places to hang out. Mostly we just have tea and cake, but we did go for lunch in the restaurant a while ago - superb! I'm still lusting after some of the Ilse Jacobsen wellies too...
    Found your blog on Britmums.