Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mummy & Baby Multitasking Products

I love a product, and believe me I have boxes stashed full of wonder products I have got bored of all too quickly before replacing (which the new frugal me is now slowly using up, surprisingly satisfying!) I also love a bargain and hate clutter. These three things combined have lead me to discover some new favourite multitasking mummy/baby/pregnancy products. I use these products all the time and are definitely not just for baby!

*Drumroll please*

Sudocrem - a lifesaver for spots, which were all too common before glorious preggo skin appeared again. Now it is just used at nappy time again (Honey's not mine!)
Bio-oil - anti ageing? Yes please! I smoother it around my eyes every night, if it's kept away stretch marks through two pregnancies I'm hoping it'll erase/prevent lines too.
Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter - I have written a whole post dedicated to this gorgeous stuff here. When it's not sold out, I use it on my face in really tough winter or a/c climates. It smells delicious.
Oilatum Junior cream - one of the best hand creams you can find. Also used for any dry skin patches Honey may have.
Baby wipes - I'm actually a little embarrassed about this one.... I use them to take my makeup off when I'm too lazy to use my normal cleanser. Eeek! Terrible I know but if they're good enough for a baby's bottom?!? They are also good for cleaning up leather bags and shoes.

ps. Sharing Honey's products definitely makes me feel less guilty about the odd splurge in SpaceNK!

What are your favourite multitasking products??


  1. Sudocrem is good for so many things and regularly is used by all the family.

  2. I'm constantly using wetwipes for things other than their proper use!