Friday, 6 April 2012

I heart Lily and Lionel

I heart Lily and Lionel for their b.e.a.uuuuuutiful scarves. I wear scarves all the time and have a huge array of sizes and colours, but my current fav is without doubt a huge wrap with gorgeous mix of pinks and purples in a blossom print from the amazing luxury British accessories brand Lily and Lionel, founded by London College of Fashion graduate Alice Stone. My scarf is 55% wool 45% silk so ├╝ber soft and warm yet light as a whisper. I use it all year round and it is particularly great in this transitional weather, it folds to nothing and fits snuggly away in my Mulberry. Mine will certainly get used a lot at the end of the Summer when trying to covertly feed the new baby in public!

Lily and Lionel scarves come in a huge range of different prints, styles and colours. I love, love, love the Violet London and French Scene print scarves, and this cashmere and silk mix Ryder scarf below from Donna Ida, defo next on my wish list.

You can find Lily & Lionel scarves in Whistles, Matches and the Liberty of London scarf hall (any excuse for a visit!)


  1. Oooo I've never heard of these before but they look beautiful, can see why you love them so much! I'm a huge scarf person too so will check these out!x

  2. Thanks lovely, it really is the best scarf ever! xxx