Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD - Never too old for glitter!

Topshop - Adrenalin

Nail inspiration - pink blossom

Being 7 months pregnant there are a very limited amount of things you can do to make yourself feel pretty or glam. 
Shopping is pointless as having two months to buy and wear new but tent like clothes isn't exactly fun, your body resembles a whale 99% of the time so can't exactly put on a nice dress and go out with the girls because you just feel huge, and not being able to lie on your back restricts all kinds of beauty treatments you can treat yourself to. 
So for me it's all about the shoes, hair and nails. And wearing a lot of black. So for a black tie event in London we went to this week, hair was masterfully coloured, shoes bought (black but toweringly high to elongate said whale like body), and nails were glittered to the max courtesy of Topshop's psychedelic pink glitter nail polish Adrenalin. A small glimmer of kitsch and girliness to help me cling on to sanity surrounded by many very beautiful friends.
*This nail varnish needs a good four coats to get full glitter effect (it is very fast drying) and only lasts a night before chipping.


  1. Thats so pretty! I'm a nail varnish junkie, i have over 100 different polishes. Its definately a way of keeping you feeling polished.
    When i was in labour last time i had my finger and toe nails done in a new colour and the midwife loved it and let me keep it on for the c-section i ended up with. xx

  2. I agree never too old for glitter and that's some gorgeous glitter. Boo to it chipping so quickly. I was exactly same when pregnant. Nails, shoes, bags and makeup. X

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Shame it doesn't last a bit longer though

  4. I agree you are never too old for glitter- my nails are always glittery- but I am lucky enough that my Mum owns a beauty salon so I get them done most weeks. x

  5. ....and the best thing about it is you can paint it on it about 30 seconds as you are running out the door. Any splodges dont show up at all!!