Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bump Update - 8 Months

This is me at the turn of week 36 or 8 months pregnant. I may look happy, I am in fact getting well and truly fed up and increasingly uncomfortable. Breathing is getting tricky, especially when sitting as my bump is so high everything is squished, so long car journeys are hugely uncomfortable and awkward, especially if I get Braxton Hicks or the baby starts kicking me really hard. I've also started getting leg cramps at night, which the midwife suggested I drink tonic water for (without gin) and I've also had such bad heart burn I've thrown up. Lovely. This baby is certainly making his presence know that's for sure.
But for the first time this whole pregnancy I feel excited about having a newborn again, lucky that, and after seeing a few mega cute babies over the weekend I'm ready for him to arrive.
The reality of giving birth again is just about setting in though and I've realised I seriously need to get organised. My midwife told me to get my hospital bag packed today which I haven't even thought of, I still need to get bottles, steriliser, Honey's white babygrows out of the loft, finish the nursery, etc etc. There so much to do and I am well and truly in nesting mode (trying to get a very unwilling husband to repaint the hallway!) and the moses basket has gone missing! Anyway, 3 1/2 weeks to go, really hoping he's not late. Now where's the raspberry leaf tea....?


  1. You have my sympathy, I have another 7 weeks yet and I'm already really uncomfortable. Not long now (I know people keep saying that and it seems like there's forever to go). Have you decided on a name yet? I still can't choose.

    1. no name yet, i think it may be unnamed for a while! hope you are keeping well, at least it hasn't been too sunny/ hot, don't think i'd cope if it was! xxx

  2. Beautiful bump, I wish I'd of gotten that far to have a lovely big bump, I can imagine how uncomfortable it must be though, fingers crossed he gets a wriggle on for you x

  3. Lovely blog Honey's Mummy..just found you from over at Britmums...hurrah for preggo blog loving....xxx