Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bedroom Furniture Farrow & Ball Makeover

The wardrobe - now in chateaux chic(!)
Hideous orangey pine wardrobe

The chest - this used to be the same pine colour as the wardrobe
Farrow & Ball No. 229

As you may have noticed I am well and truly in panic nesting mode. I have been organising clothes, rearranging furniture, clearing out the loft, shed and cellar, and now revamped our bedroom furniture. My husband did joke he was going to come home one day this week and everything would be whitewashed (I'm nearly there!)
Anyway to achieve this *incredible* wardrobe and chest makeover all I used was a brush and a couple of pots of tester paint. I chose Farrow & Ball No. 229 Elephant's Breathe, which we've had sitting around in the cellar for about two years. It is a beautiful pale grey taupe colour which on completion has given the once orangey pine a gorgeous grey, aged, depth and colour which you definitely couldn't get from a plain white paint. 
I wanted to create a whitewashed, worn, beachy kind of effect so I didn't sand the furniture or apply primer beforehand, as the look is not meant to be perfect more of a lived in battered look. To create this all I did was put a touch of paint on the brush and really work it in to the wood, working with the direction of the grain, spreading it as far as it would go, so the brush was almost dry.
The wardrobe and the chest took me under an hour and a half to paint, and as the paint was spread so thinly pretty it much dried instantly. Great for toddlers on the loose!
I think it turned out pretty well, and changing these two huge pieces of furniture has transformed our room, making it feel far more airy and serene. I just can't believe how easy it was to do and that I didn't do it sooner.

For more interiors inspiration check out the Farrow & Ball website.


  1. I love Farrow & Ball paint and think you've done a great job x

    1. Thank you, very pleased with myself! xxx

  2. I think you've done a great job hun, looks bloody fab! Amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten up some old furniture! xx

  3. How lovely. I have some hideous pine furniture too. You have inspired me to give it a make over!

  4. I love furniture makeovers! You've done a great job, really lovely colour you chose. I've done a few 'shabby to chic' furniture makeovers if you fancy taking a look!

  5. Love your blog! I have been doing a lot of home improvements and just recently purchased a range of pine furniture. Can't wait for it to be delivered.