Saturday, 4 August 2012

Book of the week - Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson

Milky bars and cups of Earl Grey are optional when reading this book

This book is awesome. You know when it takes you a couple of chapters to get into a book and you have to re-read a few pages every time you pick it up?? Well this had me totally and utterly hooked from page one and I literally couldn't put it down. I could have easily read this book in a day if I didn't have to do pesky things like look after a toddler and eat etc.

I don't want to spoil it for you but Before I Go To Sleep, the debut novel by British author S J Watson, it is basically a psychological thriller about a woman with amnesia who wakes up every morning not recognising the man in the bed beside her, who she finds out is her husband. Everyday she learns a little about her life, with no memories past being a little girl, then goes to bed at night only to wake up with no memories again the next morning. The twist is awesome and had me guessing till the end. It isn't that scary, it could do with being a little more so, but hey it's pretty much perfect in every other way.

I highly recommend reading this gripping thriller. Rumours are Ridley Scott has bought the film rights to this book so expect a killer film to follow, you must must read it before seeing the movie though!

You can buy Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson from here.


  1. Im trying to read this at the minute but im really stuggling to actually find time to read with my boy x

  2. Why does it have to be so boring in the middle? All this inner ranting as she struggles to remember. Oh.

  3. I loved this, it will be interesting to see how it works as a film.