Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 - The year that was....

Despite starting 2013 with the worst hang over of my life (thanks to a debaucherous, vodka fuelled night at a little club called The Box) if it is anywhere near as good as 2012 I will be very happy indeed. 2012 was a crazy, tiring, emotional, fantastic year which went a little bit like this;

  • I turned 30, eww, but spent it on a big red bus with all of my best friends driving round London
  • I made and ate around a hundred cakes
  • Honey bug took her first steps
  • We visited the Lucien Freud exhibition at the National Portrait gallery
  • My very clever husband won the Premiership Final (go Quins)
  • We ate afternoon tea at The Goring Hotel
  • We saw the ballet at the Royal Opera house, backstage tour included
  • We staycayed in a log cabin in the Cotswolds
  • We stood on the finish line at The Boat Race cheering Oxford and Cambridge on
  • We dined at The Savoy
  • We saw the Olympic torch being ran up Guildford's cobbled high street
  • I made up for not being able to fly (preggers) or going on holiday by sunbathing at my aunt and uncles awesome new pool in our too short summer 
  • We went to two beautiful weddings
  • We had our second bambino, the little dude
  • I lost about a months sleep to a newborn (and wouldn't have it any other way)
  • We all went to the Olympics to see the rowing, and witnessed Team GB bagging 3 gold medals
  • I finally realised I am a huge lightweight and hangovers are really not fun with two babies
  • Honey bug turned two 
  • She also started nursery
  • We witnessed baby dude's first giggles and laughs, one of the best sounds in the world
  • My hubby had too many stitches and rugby injuries to name, but luckily no major ones
  • We met Santa and a reindeer
  • A thousands coughs and colds nearly ruined Christmas

So a few snippets of our crazy year, I'm sure 2013 will be equally as hectic. This month alone I am attempting to potty train a toddler, wean the dude, get them sharing a room, start ballet lessons for Honey, and swimming lessons for dude and I'm going to learn to crochet, and read more books, phew, I'm off to bed to sleep while I can. Happy New Year!


  1. Awwww x what a fab year ;) I turned 30 too (shhh) and actually it wasn't bad at all! (lying to myself about it still) xxx here's to 2013 :))) x Happy New Year x

    1. 30 is the new 21 didn't you know?! Happy new year to you too! xx

  2. I also turned 30 in 2012! I hope that 2013 is a good one for you all xx