Friday, 1 March 2013

Seven months

My youngest turned seven months last week, so I thought it only fitting that I dedicate a little post to the sweetest boy in the world.

At seven months old you have learnt to eat real big boy food, chicken stew and porridge being the favourites. You have grown one tooth, you have learnt to sit up all on your own, and you smile all the time. When you're full of cold, or just been woken up, or been hit over the head with a giant Peppa Pig, or had your toys stolen, you still smile. You have really ticklish toes, but they don't make you laugh as much as Honey bug playing "boo" with you. You always hold your arms out by your side, that combined with your sticky-out hair makes you look like a baby penguin.

You have your mummy's hair, your mummy's nose, your daddy's eyes, your daddy's dimple under your right eye, your daddy's calm and good nature, you daddy's height and even your daddy's big toes.

My darling little dude, I struggle to conceive how I could love more than I do, yet every passing day I love you more than the day before....