Thursday, 8 November 2012

Chicco Rainbow Cube and a Happy Moment

Last week baby Dude was sent a gorgeous blue rainbow cube by the lovely people at Chicco. Chicco are a well known and trusted baby and parent brand and I'm sure 99% of parents either own or have used some of their products, which range from car seats and high chairs to toys and buggies.

The rainbow cube is a gorgeous little projector which lights up your choice of stars, hearts, clouds and kites or a plain night light in you choice of colours onto your babies nursery wall to help them drift off. You can also choose to play the accompanying melodies, or not, which include a "sounds of nature" rainforest frog noise, our particular favourite. Honey dances around to the songs as soon as I put it on in the mornings, not that she needs an excuse to try and grab the spotlight, so even toddlers can benefit! This is a great little toy, especially as baby Dude is yet to find his thumb (not through lack of trying), it keeps him entertained while I try and sneak an extra 10 minutes in bed. In fact just looking at the dreamy projections above makes me feel like having a quick snooze.... 

This clever new projector concept allows you to select the projection images with different individual colours to taste, or multi-colour changing effect, creating a sort of colour therapy atmosphere at bedtime.
The cube can be turned over to place the favoured projection in that specific direction: upwards, to left or right! 3 different styles one on each side: hearts, kites and clouds or stars - with plain nightlight projection on the 4th side. Each projection style can be used singularly in one of the 7 different colours or in the constantly changing multi-colour option. 3 styles of melodies accompany the light show: classical, ambient and the sounds of nature. A soft “first dreams” character face can be seen on one side, so baby can see its favourite bedtime friend as he drifts off into the world of dreams!

You can buy these lovely little rainbow cubes (they also come in pink) plus more here.

I must also mention Chicco's genius "Happy Moments" experience booklets which rewards you with four experiences such as family days out or pampering sessions worth £100 when spending a minimum of £29 on Chicco. A complete bargain and treats the whole family at the same time as making a very happy baby. You can find out more at

Excuse me while I sneak off for a spot of free reflexology....


  1. This looks and sounds really good. I don't know whether this would help my little man drift off to sleep or not but I think it would definitely keep him quiet for a bit x

  2. I might get pink one for my baby on christmas :-)