Tuesday, 1 May 2012

No7 BB Cream Review

Last week I tested out No7 BB Cream, the new hot product on the market. I have only bought higher end foundations and tinted moisturisers so was a bit dubious how this would work out but after the hype I tested it for a week have been utterly converted!
BB, or blemish balm, cream acts as a moisturiser, primer, foundation and SPF all in one product, so a great time saver for mummies on the run. They are similar to tinted moisturisers but with more added benefits such as great staying power from the primer and a nutrient-enriched formula which helps to banish blemishes.
I used the BB Cream in colour fair and for normal/dry skin which includes rose-hip oil for it's moisturising properties (it also comes in a medium tint and for normal/oily or dry/very dry skin ). I don't have über pale skin and this was a perfect colour match, so I'm not sure anyone with a very fair skin tone would get on that well with this. It had a perfect light yet slightly dewy coverage for me, I don't like heavy foundations, but you can build it if you want a bit more coverage. It stays put all day long, and the fact it helps banish blemishes yet is also suitable for sensitive skin is a huge bonus at the moment with pregnancy hormones.
At just £12.95 from Boots, this product is my new must have and certainly a great introduction to the very new but impressive BB Cream market.

Have you tried any good new products recently??


  1. I've been using this for the last couple of weeks too. Its lovely! I got fair and it is a little bit dark for me but by the time i've put some powder on its ok, if i was any paler though i'd look like i had a mask on x