Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hospital Bag Check List

Trusty Longchamp weekend bag, v-pillow, Cath Kidston baby blanket and Pebble fair trade baby rattle
So, the hospital bag is finally packed, much to husbands relief and I do feel much more prepared. Here's my list of essentials (and some not so essential) for the birth of baby number two....
  • Maternity notes (MUST NOT FORGET, MUST NOT FORGET)
  • V-shaped pillow (hospital cushions are the worst ever, think plastic, sweaty mats and you have more of an idea)
  • Black nightie (hid a multitude of sins last time round and looks better in photos than a hospital gown)
  • Cath Kidston dressing gown & slippers (hospital floors, yuck)
  • Agent Provocateur nursing bra (leopard print no less)
  • Eye mask (in case I get a chance to sleep, not likely)
  • Maternity pads & disposable knickers (oh the glamour)
  • Nipple pads & Lansinoh nipple cream (it just gets better and better)
  • Wash bag (not forgetting Bioderma eye make up remover, Eve Lom cleanser, tooth brush)
  • Face wipes (like I'm going to be bothered to use the above)
  • Make up bag (essential for hiding dark circles and making my eyelashes visible again)
  • Hair brush, hair clips, GHDs and hair dryer (honestly, to me these are essential even if I don't actually use them)
  • Leggings/ loose tops (for post pregnancy jelly belly and breastfeeding)
  • iPhone charger (I always forget my charger)
  • Nak'd snack bars/ Green & Black's chocolate/ billtong (last one is to bribe husband for anything else I need)
  • Pampers Newborn nappies, pack of (didn't take enough with last time)
  • Baby wipes & Sudocrem 
  • Cotton wool for top and tailing 
  • 3 long sleeve baby grows (one white towelling, one plain white, one Polarn O. Pyret)
  • 3 long sleeved white vests
  • 3 short sleeved white vests
  • Stripy Jojo Maman hat
  • Scratch mitts (never used them for Honey but you never know)
  • Aden + Anais swaddle
  • Muslins
  • Cath Kidston baby blanket
  • Maxicosi Car seat
I'm sure there are lots I am forgetting here. If you have any other tips or have spotted anything I am missing please let me know!


  1. Ahh...I still remember the excitement of packing the bags and the feeling of anticipation!! When pregnant with baby number 3 midwife gave me the best tip EVER...get a sports water bottle (evian or similar)and when required fill with warm water and some drops of lavendar oil. Especially if you have stitches, this is invaluable when going to the toilet!! Sorry to be so graphic but honestly was the best thing!!

    1. funny you should say that, a friend of mine mentioned lavender for that too.... right off to pop it in my bag!

  2. Ah gad this makes me nervous....I'm in complete denial about the actual giving birth bit...lavender oil?? warm water?? stitches?? going to the toilet??? It's best you don't tell me.

    Great list though, will keep a note for when I start getting ready. My favourite bit is the fact you have an Agent Provocateur nursing bra in leopard print..brilliant :o) xx

    1. Don't worry about the lavender oil, hopefully you won't need it ;-)

  3. Great list, I was so unprepared when I had Nye! For some reason I decided to 'pack light' and had to send Neil off to get things for every day. Ooops. Good luck, just reading it has made me feel quite excited!

    1. Thats exactly what i did first time round too!

  4. This is almost identical to my hospital bag, even down to the AP maternity underwear and rattle! You obviously have good taste!!!