Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Book of the Week - Sophie Dahl "from Season to Season"

Despite the pouring rain and bruised purple skies which are still currently hanging over Guildford town, I am uber excited as Sophie Dahls new book From Season to Season has just popped through the letterbox. I have had a girl crush on Sophie, much like all my friends, for a while now, I have read and loved all of her books, and still have her cooking programme The Delicious Miss Dahl on Sky+ for rainy days, much like today (which reminds me to make another batch of her incredible peanut butter fudge). Before my girl crush started I confess to also loving Jamie Callum (her now husband) which was cemented after dancing along to him at gloriously drunken open air gig in Bath. So then they married and that was it, a huge sign that we should be friends! After all we both have babies a similar age, and while Honey's daddy is away with rugby and Jamie is away on tour I definitely think she should pop round for a nice cup of Lady Grey and a fat wodge of Victoria sponge, perfect.
Right am off to try her mushrooms on toast for lunch while Honey is having her afternoon nap....

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