Tuesday, 15 November 2011

First hair cut

It was a momentous week this week, not only has Honey's daddy had his bicep reattached after snapping it in a rugby game, but Honey had her first hair cut. I don't know why it made me emotional but seeing her sitting there all grown up in the hairdressers chair seemed to signalled the end of the baby era and the start of the toddler in a couple of snips of the scissors. And that is all it really was, a couple of snips as the hairdresser cut her a "side-sweeping fringe" (I didn't want too much off or she may have resembled a Lego man crossed with Susan Boyle, never a good look). So we left the Trotters, the baby hairdresser with a First Haircut certificate in hand and a toddler in the other; bring on the terrible twos.


  1. Hiya! I read your hello post on Britmums :0) Bring on terrible two's be careful what you wish for, lol. I too need to have my toddlers hair cut but I'm dreading it. He'll not be afraid he just can't sit still and its soooo curly NOW WAY! am I even going to try to do it myself. Any suggestions on now to manage this first trip?

  2. Distraction is key! Be it toys/ rice cakes or singing a stupid song, always helps me!