Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mums 101

I was tagged by the lovely Chloe at A Twenty Something Mum in a Meme about a mummy's top 3 annoyances you'd like to see in 'Room 101'. Such a good idea, and great for a little vent! There are lots of little things that bug me so I snuck an extra one in the end as I just couldn't cut one out!

1. The Gina Ford debate
I don't really know why this is such a hot issue when it clearly for thousands of mummies and babies. My midwife nearly had a heart attack when I mentioned I was planning on doing the routine with Honey. After that I never mentioned it to many people, especially not anyone from the NHS. Honey has was breastfed for six months, slept through the night from 8 weeks and has always been the top end of the weight scale so is clearly 'thriving' as they say. I understand it doesn't work for lots of parents but why be so against it when it does work for others? I'm certainly doing it for number two if he'll let me.

2. Bright purple or orange coloured baby snacks i.e. rice cakes and crispy things.
Why oh why add such a bright food colouring to a baby food which is obviously going to get everywhere? Hands, face, hair, mussies, clothes, toys, books, buggy, mummy, daddy, the cat, you name it that colour gets on everything. So annoying! Who's ever idea it was needs a big fat cleaning bill sent to them, with a toddler and said coloured snacks to look after for the day, then they might think twice.

3. The never-ending, uber condescending "So you are not going back to work then?"
No I'm not going back to work, yes I'm lucky enough not to have to, yes I left my old job because the commute would be two hours there and back each day and I'd miss Honeys every waking minute five days a week, and actually not that its any of your business but I would like to bring up my own babies thank you very much! I get this question a lot from strangers, friends, family, other mummies, pretty much everyone. I just find it so strange that people are shocked I choose to stay at home to look after my family. I don't question others for going back to work so don't judge me!

4. Competitive parents!
You know the ones.... Their baby started walking before yours, and talking before yours, or who's baby just eats so much, or their baby sleeps 16 uninterrupted hours a night, oh and they lost all their baby weight in the first week of giving birth, and their babies have all the most expensive/coolest clothes and toys and buggy and they are basically breaking barriers in how all-round advanced they are?! Chill out ladies! Mine is perfect too, just because she's mine.

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Ladies if you have the time or inclination (don't worry if not!), just post your top 3 motherhood related gripes in your own 'mums 101' post, and link back to Never Bored of Bubbles so people can come and read the other posts.


  1. Haha right with you there on the coloured snacks. When Alex was younger and I had popped to the shops stupidly around lunch time and HAD to give him something to eat and picked up those carrot flavoured cripsy things. I looked down at my little boy in the pushchair a couple of minutes later to find orange EVERYWHERE and it doesn't come off at all does it!

    1. I know! Coloured baby snacks are the most ridiculous idea ever! Xxx

  2. Thanks so much for joining in! Great entries...

    The Gina Ford is a funny one isn't it. I read the book and it did help me but I couldn't follow it exactly. I found the nap guides really helpful though. Loads of people get really angry about it it's quite funny!!

    I'm with you on the purple rice cakes!! My LO loved them but after the mess... we were quickly back to plain or apple :)

    I feel like I experience the opposite to you. I feel like people look down on me because I do go to work, and I do a 2 hour commute. I feel people are very disapproving which is frustrating because if given the choice, I like you would be at home!! xx

    1. Funny you clearly just can't win on the whole going back to work thing?! Xxx

  3. Totally agree with your annoyances! How am I going to think up my own now....
    E has just fallen in love with rice cakes and I stupidly brought the orange ones on our flight this afternoon, she landed in Athens looking like an extra from my big fat gypsy wedding!! I'll be saving the apple ones for the return!!!
    As for the Gina Ford debate, whilst I didn't follow her myself, it bugs me how people are so oppinionated about how we bring up our children, the most important thing is that both you and your baby are happy! Oh think I mighta found myself a topic, off to think up 2 more....
    p.s. sorry for the rather long comment :)

    1. Hilarious that she looked like an extra from my big fat gypsy wedding, really made me chuckle! hope youre having fun xxx

  4. So agree with these. I'm like Emily above with a 2 hour commute, and currently struggling to actually fit in the work. But it's just so much to give up and giving up would mean not being able to actually do the things I want to with my son. But it is hard as whatever choice you make as a family, there's always judgements, even if they're not actually voiced.

    And Gina. I've got friends who swear by her, others who couldn't hack it. I was all for it, and tried, but my son wouldn't wake when he was due to. But as with everything you pick out the bits that work for you. The 'let them do what they want' approach may work for some people but not me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to bitch about the approach like lots of people seem to with GF.

    1. I know, i just cant get my head around why its such a hot topic, its not like gf promotes anything weird, bad or mad. xxx

  5. Thank you for the tag. I'm on it!!
    I agree with you on these, especially parents who compete, ridiculous!