Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Recipe of the Week - Cherry and Vanilla Bakewell Slice

I LOVE Bakewell tart, anything with a bit of almond and cherry is a winner in my books, and homemade is even better. I followed a Nigella recipe for this one from her Feast book. I used cherry instead of raspberry and vanilla sugar instead of plain, you can obviously use any variation that takes your fancy. I wasn't that impressed at first as the frangipane didn't seem that good but it got better and better as the week went on. The one thing I didn't realise was how much butter is used in Bakewells, a LOT is the answer. I don't count calories so don't mind but if you are looking for a healthier treat this isn't the place to be!

the base

225g plain flour

225g butter

pinch of salt

60g icing sugar

the filling

150g butter

150g ground almonds

150g vanilla caster sugar (you can use normal and add a splash of vanilla extract)

4 eggs

60g toasted flaked almonds

325g cherry jam

Preheat the oven to 180C.  Mix the flour, icing sugar, salt and butter in a food processor until the mixture is crumbly and beginning to form a ball.  Turn out into a lined baking tray approx 235 x 300 x 60mm and squidge the mixture into the base of the tray to form an even crust. Bake for 20 minutes until lightly golden.

For the frangipane, melt the butter and set aside. Beat together the eggs, sugar and ground almonds.  When the base has been removed from the oven and cooled for about 3 minutes, spread it evenly with the cherry jam. Beat the melted butter into the egg, sugar and almond mix and pour this over the jam. Sprinkle with the toasted flaked almonds and bake for 35 minutes. Allow to cool before cutting.

Tastes great straight out of the oven with a dollop of extra thick double cream.


  1. Mmm this looks great, my Mum used to make this a lot but haven't had it in ages. Might have to soon!

  2. Thanks! I pretty much ate the whole batch on my own, oops! xxx

  3. these look deeeelicious. thanks for the recipe! becca

  4. Ok you need to come and cook for me as I am so unmotivated to bake at the moment and these look lush. Yum. I live at... lol What's next on the cooking calander? xx