Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Week in Pictures - Pearls, Lace, Rugby & a Boat Race


This last two weeks has been fun, fun, fun, I love it when Honey's daddy is not working! We've had a mix of Easter, DIY, baking, amazing roasts, the Boat Race, picnics, eating a lot of cake and of course rugby.


  1. Ahh looks like a lovely few weeks! Lovely pics and well done you for watching Rugby-my other half plays football and Lord knows I hate it!!x

  2. looks really lovely! glad you guys have had so much fun! and you and Honey look so pretty!xx

  3. Lovely pics hun. I have a similar white lace dress (great minds eh lol) Honey is adorable and you have a lovely family. Glad you had a good few weeks xx

  4. I love the pictures, that hot dog (bratwurst or whatever it may be) looks delicious!

    Heather xx