Wednesday, 6 June 2012

10 Things I Love & Hate About Pregnancy

Ok so I was just going to do 10 things I hate about being pregnant but thought that sounded a bit negative (can you tell I'm in the last trimester i.e. hot, uncomfortable, fed up and sleep deprived?!) so thought I'd do 10 thing I love about being pregnant too, because obviously the pros outweigh the cons or I wouldn't be sitting here fat as a house for the second time.

Anyway I'll quit my ramblings and begin with the 10 things I love (of course) and in no particular order;
  1. Hair - my head doesn't let go of a single strand in pregnancy and grows at the rate of knots, which I love. It is thick, glossy and the clip in extensions have been forgotten about in the back of the cupboard, much to darling husbands delight.
  2. Skin - not a single blemish since week 12, and although I get a bit of pigmentation, which at the moment makes me look freckled and sun kissed it has been perfect for months.
  3. Having a bump - mine is round, and looks fake, people stop me in the street and laugh that it looks like I am hiding a football up my top, which is apparently a boy thing, but anyway I love it, once past the annoying no bump/just fat phase that is.
  4. Feeling the baby move - an awesome feeling, the whole process of pregnancy and birth is a miracle, all the more apparent second time round as I can see for my own eyes what my body is doing again. Although now I am further in the baby is kicking very hard.
  5. Reading up on the growing process - I love a pregnancy app or website, my favourite being the and checking out what is going on inside my tummy! (This week the baby weighs over 5lbs, eek, and is mainly putting on fat for the last few weeks.)
  6. Hospital appointments - Weirdly I love going to the hospital, I have had a few scares and am in and out for routine scans every month and I just love seeing the bambino on the ultrasound.
  7. Being able to eat extra - well only 200 calories to be exact, boo, but at least that means part of the chocolate I scoff on a daily basis doesn't count.
  8. Cravings -  I am still waiting for middle of the night sending the husband out for gherkins in ice cream style cravings, which I haven't had yet but it's nice to know he will get me something if I need it! 
  9. Afternoon naps - as soon as Honey goes to bed at lunch time I am flat out of the sofa, this exhaustion has been with me all the way through from first to third trimester, so it is nice that I can just flake out when I need to though.
  10. Being pampered - it is heavenly at the later stages when I'm too big to move, or certainly carry Honey around, walk too far or paint my toenails, that I can get it all done for me, thanks to fab friends and family.
10 things I hate about pregnancy;
  1. Not drinking - urgh so annoying, all I want is to enjoy a nice bottle of red, white, bubbly, or anything really, and we have two big weddings this summer where I'll be designated driver again.
  2. Diet restrictions - it is so unfair not being able to eat goat's cheese, blue cheese, feta cheese, raw egg products, salami, rare meat, sushi and raw fish, pate, liver, and the list goes on..... I am planning a big feast in approximately 7 weeks time, intact I may get sushi take away and champagne in the hospital as soon as the little man has arrived.
  3. Being out of breath - at the moment just walking up the stairs has me huffing and puffing like I've run a marathon, and walking up hill with the Bugaboo is a complete disaster. 
  4. Not sleeping on your back or tummy - my two favourite sleeping positions out of the window, now I just get sore ears from being on my side and not moving all night.
  5. People touching your bump - yuck I hate this, hubby and Honey I don't mind at all, but when anyone else does it just creeps me out. Really weird and definitely crossing into my personal space bubble.
  6. Being too tired for Honey - chasing her round and constantly getting up and down tires me out no end, it's horrible not being able to give her my full 100% time and attention, I suppose she should get used to it though :-(
  7. The first 12 weeks - a scary, scary time, full of lots of worries and pessimistic thoughts, luckily this time we made it through.
  8. Clothes - it seems every time I am pregnant the shops are full of the most beautiful, waisted, fitted clothes that have ever graced the shelves, all taunting me and my ever expanding waist line, dressed only in bloody leggings and maxi skirts. So boring.
  9. The thought of giving birth again - ok so second time round I know what I'm in for, and although my memory has done a pretty good job of forgetting the exact pain the first time I do still remember it was so painful I thought I was going to die, and I'm pretty scared. And in 44 days I have to do it again, oh crikey.
  10. Not being able to fly - this one is super annoying as it means no foreign summer holidays for us this year. We are heading off to the beautiful Cotswolds though, and a hot tub is kind of making up for the fact we won't be in Bali...
So they are my tops loves and hates, what are yours?? 


  1. I loved being pregnant and can't wait to have a second! I too had a beachball under my top style bump, and I was lucky enough not to experience any real problems throughout. The things I didn't like were how clumsy I became, and getting stretch marks, but I loved everything else! x

    1. hehe, Im clumsy too, forgot about that one!! xxx

  2. you and your blog are stunning!
    Do you think we can follow each others blog? :X

  3. so sweet! ah i can't wait until my life takes me to this moment!
    what a sweet blog you have!

  4. I HATED being pregnant - mainly my new job of non-drinking-taxi-driving! I'd be driving about Bristol with a drunken other half dropping off other drunken people when I was absolutely exhausted! Not cool! On the plus side - strangers just smile at you wherever you are. Must be a primeval thing, everyone seems to love a blossoming woman looking after new life! xx