Saturday, 18 August 2012

Budget Beauty - Collection 2000

Collection 2000 budget beauty

I am going to start doing regular posts on brilliant budget beauty buys as there are many unsung heroes of the beauty world which aren't high end yet get seriously over looked.

First up are a few goodies by uber budget brand Collection 2000, I but mine from Superdrug.
The Collection 2000 Cream Puffs are gorgeous, moisturising lip creams, championed by Lisa Eldridge. They feel matt and velvety and look far more expensive than they are, oh and they smell of chocolate, bonus. The nude is my favourite, it is a perfect shade which doesn't make you look dead like most other nudes. Oh and it's very Bridget Bardot. They can be a little drying but for £2.99 I'm not complaining.
Second is the much blogged about Collelction 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer. It is such a good price for such a high quality product, covers really well, great colour, lasts forever (16hrs to be precise) and is a great one to stash in your handbag you don't mind a toddler chewing. I have shade number 2 which is fair and a great colour match.

A great couple of buys which won't cost the earth and really do what they say on the tin.


  1. i've been wearing the matte lip cream for a few days and its lovely! it smells so damn good i just wanna lick it off though!lol.xx

  2. I adore the concealer I think I would even go as far as to say it's my favourite ever!