Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Last of the Summer Berries

A couple of weeks ago we thought we'd make the most of some late afternoon sun and decided to go and get our Halloween pumpkin (which is still sitting waiting to be carved in the kitchen) and the last of the Summer's berries. So off we toddled to a local Pick Your Own and gorged ourselves on strawberries and raspberries, gathered fistfuls of fresh green runner beans and clambered our way through rows of plump pumpkins. Honey had the best afternoon ever stuffing her little mouth full of berries and trying to carry pumpkins bigger than her, not to mention waving at giant tractors and splashing in muddy puddles. We came home laden with punnets of raspberries and what better way than prolonging their juicy little lives than folded into a fluffy sweet ice cream?! Recipe here.

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