Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Week of Firsts

Not loving the baby rice
in the big girl bed
new mini hunters

This week has charted a few milestones in our household. Firstly the little dude has gone from the basinet part of the Bugaboo into his big buggy, which may not seem that significant but to me signals the end of the newborn stage to the big bouncy baby stage, and being a bit more robust when random toys go flying at him.
Secondly the honey bug has moved into her big bed out of her cot. This is big news, she is now officially a little girl and not a baby anymore *sob*. The best thing is it went relatively smoothly, without hitch and only one night of waking up, hurrah.
Thirdly the dude has started solids. Scary crazy and now definitely not a newborn. He hated and detested his first bowl of baby rice, screamed the house down at the first spoon, yet every day since can't get enough. Even though he's only just hit the five and a half month mark I decided to wean him a little early, (so shoot me health visitor busy bodies), it was the right thing for him. Not that I need to justify it but he drains 9oz bottles left right and centre (7/6oz is recommended) and chews anything that goes past his mouth. I'm currently swotting up on baby-led weaning. More weaning posts to come, bet you can't wait :-) So any baby-led weaning advice or tips would be greatly appreciated (Honey had puree Gina Ford weaning).

So big news on the baby front for the first week or so of the year, potty training is next on the list, heaven help me! Hope everyone else has had a good start to the year. x


  1. For me it was a huge deal when my lil girl went from her carry cot to the proper buggy bit! Like she was a proper grown up baby all of a sudden :( I gave up on the baby rice thing after the first attempt lol - think I left it a month and tried again or something - can't even remember now! They just start hitting all the milestones so quick don't they :)) x

  2. I must admit, I've skipped the baby rice too on moved onto baby led weaning. It's damn right messy - I never knew how much mess 2 small broccoli florets could make?!! But so worth it when I see Pearl pick up a stick of carrot and shove it in her mouth. I'm early stages, only been doing it for a week. My best friend did it with her 3 kids and swore by it. I bought 'Baby led weaning' by Gill Rapley & Tracy Murkett. Good luck :) x

  3. Awww look at him all big! I'll be upset when Alex moves up from the carrycot too, they seem so much bigger then.
    I had a little smile to myself at the photos of Honey, we got those pj's and that bunny for my niece this Christmas and we also just ordered some little Hunter wellies too.