Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lucky Boy Sunday and Maileg

Lucky Boy Sunday


We all know there are gorgeous toys you buy your kids for aesthetic purposes which the bambinos aren't remotely interested in, and then there are the toys you buy you little darlings that they actually like i.e. brightly coloured cartoony type monstrosities. My youngest is five months and loves nothing better than gnawing on a Little White Company fluffy penguin but other than that it is plastic, flashing, noisy toys all the way, and the toddler has a million teddies all of which sit unloved on shelves and stuffed under beds. She is very attached to a huge hideous giant Disney piglet but other than that and a couple of short love affairs with a baby Gruffalo and grubby Peppa she's not hugely fussed. Yet I keep finding more to buy them.

Lucky Boy Sunday and Maileg are both Danish design companies high up on my soft toy wish list, which are definitely the in the toys for mummies category.

Lucky Boy Sunday create beautiful, almost sinister toys, cushions and blankets which are definitely more for the mamas than bubbas. Their work magically straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual, bringing a poetic, artistic sensibility to both the living room and the children’s room. I love the Mr. Bell rattle (top left), which is also machine washable, bonus. The gorgeous crochet bunting balls have even inspired to me to start crocheting, (watch this space).
I have also fallen in love with the giant bunnies, lion and pirate rattles and little mice from Maileg.

If both babies weren't spoilt as much as they were this Christmas I may just have added to their collection, for now though I'll wait till birthdays to indulge my weakness.


  1. I can completely relate to this- you described Lucky Boy Sunday perfectly for me. I haven't indulged in Sad Joe, but I reeeeally want him to sit on Molly's bettime story chair!
    Though I must say the Maileg foxy is Molly's best friend! She takes him to bed every night and after an incident with my cheeky niece he no longer has eyes and she doesn't care. I must fix him actually when I get the chance. For christmas we got her the badger who's a stripy version of the fox and my friend is getting her the wolf for her birthday. I'd say go for it :P xx

    1. Oh I LOVE the Maileg fox, you are a bad influence ;-) but ok then maybe I will buy just one little thing....

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    Beauty by Emma

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