Thursday, 21 March 2013


I've recently got into crocheting, I basically wanted something easy to be able to do in front of the TV in the evening which wasn't looking at my iPhone and which I could pick up and put down. My granny had tried to teach me to knit when I was little and I hated it, so that was out and the crochet needle it was. I followed a couple of The Party Artisan's awesome tutorials on YouTube and got hooked (you can watch them and check out her other fab projects on the blog here, thank you Carolyne!) However the problem started when I decided to google ideas. Knitting has had a huge resurgence but crocheting seems to be still trailing behind in cool, and so I became swapped with rather naff, twee things I did not want to make or millions of uninspiring dated granny blankets. Now I do love granny squares but truthfully I think they may be a little out of my remit at the moment.

It was then I randomly came upon The Purl Bee. Basically the coolest knitting and crocheting blog around where I found the inspiration above. It is part of The Purl Soho, a gorgeous little shop on Broome Street in Manhattan, they do classes, patterns, beautiful yarns and buttons, the list goes on. So while I'm perfecting my double crochet and saving for some super soft Merino, whilst crocheting some multicoloured crochet balls (see below), I will be writing a list of projects to begin from the glorious Purl Bee.

If you know of any other inspiring crochet projects please let me know!

My first ever, wobbly, holey, but perfect crochet ball!


  1. ahhh I LOVE it!! :) well done I want to learn xxx

  2. i love this its really inspired me to give it a go :-)