Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Natural History Museum

Honey is obsessed with dinosaurs, really really obsessed. Potty training involves watching Jurassic park on the iPad, (the scary T-Rex bits not the namby pamby Triceratops bits,) and any walk anywhere always ends up hunting for dinosaurs in bushes and behind trees. So a trip to The Natural History Museum has been on the cards for a while.
I haven't been for about ten years and it did not disappoint. The dinosaur section has been completely redone, the main event being a moving, roaring, giant animatronic model of a Trex at the end of a walkway, which roams over the top of huge skeletons of a Camarasaurus and a Diplodocus. Honey loved it, and we had to sneak back in to see the Trex so she could watch it's fearsome roaring until we finally dragged her away. The whole thing was hugely interactive for children with lots to see and do and despite being packed didn't seem crowded or rushed.
Another point to mention is that the museum is free entry, which is a rare thing on a family day out. We did gladly make up for this in the museum shop however. The baby changing facilities were clean, easy and always free, and there were lots of very helpful staff ready to point us to where we wanted to go. One of which pointed out that due to huge queues at the main entrance you can walk straight in round the side through the smaller Exhibition Road entrance where there is rarely ever a queue.

The whole day was a delight and I am sure we will be heading back for another dinosaur hunt again very soon.

For more info see the Natural History Museum's website here.


  1. We love to go to the Natural History Museum. Can I ask you which program you use to add the text to your pictures?


  2. fab! would love to visit go there if we lived closer! we have the dinosaur park here in Norfolk which we take them to every year, super scary dinosaurs...which they love! lol legoland next, can't wait to see their reaction when they see a dinosaur made of lego :D but not a free trip sadly :( will be worth it i am hoping :)

  3. It looks great. We have got to get ourselves there soon. Little Miss George is so named because she 'loves' dinosaurs just like George Pig. She'd LOVE this.

    The only problem is that we live a long way North, so would have to make a full day (and possibly night) trip out of it. :-)

    I hope you are well (it's been a while since I've popped over and visited your site - sorry about that.). Take care :-)