Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Recipe of the Week - Flapjacks

Oh I do love a flapjack. A gooey, stodgy, syrupy flapjack is sometimes better than a brownie and always far more superior and underrated in my mind to a cupcake. The only problem is recipes vary hugely, some are too floury and dry, some are too crumbly and fall apart, some go rock solid and crunchy, some are way too chewy and stick to your teeth like superglue. The even more annoying thing is I have tried so many recipes in the past from sources online that I always forget which is a good one. Anyway, here is a good one, a very good one. It has banana in (which is my idea of heaven), but any banana-phobes out there can substitute for sultanas if you so wish. So quick and easy are these scrummy little treats that I have unashamedly whipped up three batches in the last week.

I am sharing this recipe with you via the ever talented super bakers The Baking Twins, their new baking blog is here, go follow!

150g salted butter
75g caster sugar
4 tbsp golden syrup
250g porridge oats
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 mushed bananas

Melt the butter, golden syrup and sugar in a pan
Mix in the vanilla, banana and oats
Spread into an 8inch square tin
Bake and 180 for around 20 mins
Cool in the tin then turn out onto a chopping board and chop into thick fingers


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