Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Holiday of Sorts

Apologies for not writing more over the last few months, I even toyed with the idea of deleting Honey's Mummy altogether, but alas I am back and thought I'd explain as apparently there are people out there who actually read the blog (are you mad? Do you have nothing else to do other than listen to me ramble on?) Anyway I have zero time to write at the moment, two children are a lot more time consuming that one might of originally thought, and as well as going on a few holidays (in the loosest sense of the word, going away with toddlers in tow is a case of same shit, different country), as well as the husband retiring from rugby, boo, taking the only laptop that I can blog from to work everyday, and the fact that I just plain fell out of love with blogging (and in love with instagram, you little time waster you), pretty much meant that I neglected Honey's Mummy for a time. Plus I have the dude now so I'm not even just Honey's Mummy, there's The Dude too (queue rebranding that I haven't had time to consider yet either). I still struggle with the balance of how much I put out there for the world to see, and how much of the children I write about, which is why I may have a hiatus every now and again. So the blog will pretty much be my likes and dislikes, places I've been that I want to share and recipes I've cooked, rather than an online journal of my thoughts and moods (never know who I may offend).
Phew, excuses excuses, anyway, now I back. Yay! Honey bug has gone back to pre-school, a lot more hours than last year, so believe it or not, there are a few random moments in the week when she's at preschool and he's snoozing and I actually have time to myself, alone, just me, super weird. I can actually finish a cup of tea, and finish a sentence, and even go for a wee, ON MY OWN. It's totes amaze. So, hey, apologies again for the abandonment, thanks for sticking by, and please if you have any comments leave them below.


  1. I so agree with you about trying to find that balance over how much to share online. I've just had a little boy and I'm still trying to decide how much I'll feature him on my current blog. I think in the end you've just got to go with what you're comfortable with :) x

  2. It is so hard to get that blog time in. I have 2 small ones, too, though like you, my daughter's now at pre-school for 2 days a week, so when my son naps, I do love that hot cup of tea time! Glad to have found you via Oh So Amelia :)