Saturday, 28 September 2013

Good Coffee

I have turned into an actual coffee snob. Since being converted to coffee after craving it being pregnant to my second I now can't get enough (I previously hated it that much I threw up violently on board a Boeing 747 when I was a long haul air hostess after necking a double espresso to try and stay awake during a flight to Shanghai, not good). Anyway, I say I love coffee but I am still quite fussy as to what I use my daily caffeine quota on. Firstly I love lattes or flat whites depending on the amount of hours I slept the night before and how much caffeine I need to get me through the toddler groups/ soft plays that I am en route to. Homemade instant coffee just will not do. It still reminds me of teacher breath and sends me running out of the house screaming. Starbucks is foul, too inconsistent and not pleasant tasting, I once ordered two lattes, for my husband and I, and they tasted completely different, weird. Costa is average, always a bit grubby and second-rate, Cafe Nero would be ok if I could get the buggy through the door of my local one (grrrrr) and Pret is marginally better than the lot. The Monmouth Coffee company is heavenly, shame my nearest is at Borough Market (an hour away) and the queues go round the block. However, recently Harris + Hoole popped up in Guildford and changed my expectations completely. Lovely, yummy, sweet, proper coffee, with nice staff, good snacks, a buggy park and dog friendly, Harris + Hoole is fab. Now I really didn't want to like it because it as been bought out by bloody Tesco. The only trouble is it really does do superior coffee. They serve it warm, at 60 degrees, to get the milk and coffee beans as sweet as possible, and it really does make a difference. They do kids meal boxes and the cakes etc are really good particularly the warm banana bread spread with butter or a toasted foccacia, and of course the decorate your own gingerbread man to keep the bambinos entertained.
So now, pretty much every day I drag one of the children with me to get my fix. All I need to do is log on to the app on entering and they start making my perfect coffee, it's that easy and yes I'm that lazy I don't even need to talk to anyone (actually I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm back in there again with my noisy messy children).
If you pass a Harris + Hoole check it out, but beware, you'll never be able to drink another high street coffee again.

*not a sponsored post, it may sound like it but it's purely because they just do really great coffee!

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  1. well I am going to HAVE to check this out next time i'm in Guildford. sounds fabulous! :)