Friday, 29 November 2013

Dolls and Babies - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Ok so at two we were in the dinosaur phase, at two and a half we entered the Disney Princess phase and now added to that we have just entered the baby phase. Every day I pick Honey up from school we have the exact same conversation. Me - "Hi darling did you have a nice time at school? What did you do today?" Honey - "I played with babies." That's it. Every. Single. Day. Which is a little more info than before, "I played with toys" (no sh*t Sherlock) which I've had every previous day.

Anyway, babies, I have vivid memories of my mum buying me my first baby. I must have been about four, we got all dressed up, and just the two of us went into Brighton for the day, we must have ditched my brother somewhere. I specifically remember begging my mum for a lovely baby with long hair, not very realistic obviously, and my mum explaining babies do not have long hair so why don't I chose a more realistic baby. I probably had a huge screaming tantrum because I left the shop with a baby with knee length hair. Anyway, in this vein, and since Honey has become obsessed with babies (and ramming them up my top so I have a baby in my tummy), I decided to buy her a nice doll with long hair. Big mistake. I bought her this doll from Argos Dream Toys, I don't know what I was thinking. Not only has it got a hideous Peppa Pig outfit on, which Honey actually wants to wear, it is absolutely huge. Like nearly the same size as Honey. It's so freaky even Honey doesn't like it. In fact she really, really, really doesn't like it. It's so scary it's rammed in the bottom of a toy box and will probably never see the light of day (I did manage to bribe her with a juice for you all to see it though!)

To make up for it Bea is getting a Baby Annabel for Christmas (see bottom). They are sweet little French babies that cry and wee and do all that gross stuff, her bff has one and she goes on about Baby Annabel all the time so at least I know she'll like this one. In the mean time though, and if you're looking for any Christmas doll type presents, we do have a little baby from the ELC, which must be naked at all times, and which she sleeps with everynight, she adores it. We also have a super freaky Rapunzel styling head from the Entertainer which she can plait the hair of and paint the nails etc. See below. Warning though, do not leave it anywhere sitting up, I've nearly given myself a heart attack when walking into a room to be confronted by this staring at me.

Our current favourite doll/ baby selection

Baby Annabel

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