Thursday, 3 November 2011

Review - Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

Last week I purchased my first (yes I know a little behind the times) pot of Waitrose' sell-out Baby Bottom Butter, but to be fair I didn't have a baby to pretend to buy it for before now, and when ordering it on Ocado, is always out of stock, grrr. Anyway, sneakily pretending I had bought it to smooth and pamper Honeys bot, I have been secretly slathering it on my face on an evening. It is divine I'm not going to lie. It is light and smooth to the touch, uber pure (only four ingredients including olive oil, vanilla and camomile oil), not at all heavy and sinks in to leave my skin feeling plump and youthful, perfect now winter is just round the corner. At £2.49 it really is a bargain and feels like a heavenly little secret I have been let in on now I am in the mummy club. Oh and it does also keep Honeys bottom in tip top shape when the sudocrem has run out!

1 comment:

  1. Ooo this sounds gorgeous. I'll have a look for it. I do get tired of using the one nappy cream. Thanks for the heads up.