Saturday, 7 July 2012

Baby Stages

The offending photo!
My hormones are wild at the moment, one minute I'm crying at TV adverts the next I'm shouting about emptying the dishwasher, but I saw a picture of Honey on my mobile the other day and burst into tears because she is just so cute. How stupid is that?! When you first have a baby people tell you they just get better and better, which is hard to believe because you love them so much you can't believe you could love them any more, but it is so true. Each stage they go through they just get more and more awesome. From newborns, to sitting, to crawling, to getting the first tooth, to walking, then learning, and now talking. Honey is at the cutest stage ever. She is 22 months and for the last month has been picking up new words and trying to copy everything we say (we're currently trying very hard not to swear).

At the moment her favourite words are; 

ater - water, she loooooves jumping in muddy puddles, too much Peppa Pig I think
uzzy - muzzy/muslin, her comforter, amazing she now tells me she wants this
nee naw - police car, obvs
down - dual meaning for up and down. She says down when she wants picking up or wants to get out of the buggy
bispy - universal word for crisps (rice cakes) or biscuits
bubble - she loooooves bubbles
tacktor - tractor, somehow she spots these everywhere
no - one of her favs, she says it all the time, even if she doesn't mean it
car - literally at every car
oh no! - when shes dropped something etc. it's super cute!
do - dog, again she loves dogs
bee buzzzzzz - for bees, flies or anything buzzing around
peppa - new name for all pigs

Anyway I could go on and on, she loves picking up new word sand saying them all the time. She has mummy and daddy on repeat all day long as well as the above. So anyway, this is the stage we are at, it is just amazing and she makes me smile everyday (ignoring the monumental tantrums peppered throughout), I can't wait for the next stage.


  1. It is a very lovely age...just wait until you get to about 2 and 1/2 though those tantrums really get bigger!

    Very cute when they start copying lots of words, it's a nightmare when they hear the bad ones/sayings though!

    1. I can't believe the tantrums can get worse! And yes, trying not to swear is tricky!! xxx

  2. It is such a lovely age! My youngest has just turned 5 and we can't believe there isn't another one coming along behind so we get to go through it all over again, but there are no more babies for me now - threes enough! XX