Sunday, 8 July 2012

Getting Ready For The New Arrival

The moses basket in situ!  
As I mentioned in the Hospital bag check list post, I am feeling much more prepared now for the new baby's arrival. In fact I would quite like him to arrive early, or on time at least, as I am getting far too tired and uncomfortable to go on much longer. Under two weeks till the due date, scary. It's amazing that this is our second baby and we already have all the kit but there's still endless things to prepare and buy.
So, the moses basket is washed and clean and in position waiting for it's second owner, and I have finally got round to buying new bottles, formula and dummies just in case he doesn't take to breast-feeding.
The Medela breast pump (best on the market apparently) has been borrowed from a friend (I hated my Tommee Tippe one last time), and I can't believe I will be pumping again in a few weeks, surely the worst part of the job?! The noise, the time, the whole dairy cow feel of it, yuck.
I have also bought dummies, to to try and give us a little bit of peace in the evenings. I was dead against them with Honey as they have such a (ridiculous) stigma attached, and spent hours rocking her and feeding her. Honey started sucking her thumb at 3 months anyway so we didn't need to use them. This time round I'm definitely going to be a little more lax and try them out, just to give ourselves a bit of a break.
The nursery is still not 100% finished, we're waiting on a  few storage boxes, and new cot so I will post updated pics when it is. The moses basket will be in our room, then the spare room, until the baby is sleeping through so as not to disturb Honey's sleep, then he will go in with her in the nursery.

Can you tell I am getting a little bit excited?! 

Swaddle, dummies & clip, Medela bottle
The nursery is still a bit girlie


  1. Ohhh so exciting!! I am so jealous that you are near the end x

  2. Just stumbled across your you do!! How exciting about your baby...maybe it's here now! I've just had another little boy - They're 21 months apart. What's the age difference between yours? Anyway, good luck...2 babies is not as bad as everyone makes out! xx

  3. I just found your blog! (searching the internet for a moses basket) ahhh im gonna have a read of it all now, looks so good :) x